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Why we’re all excited about Cross-Media Content Analysis?

Media in Context

We all know from our daily online experience that media contents are on the rise. Digital photography and DIY videos are part of our information diet: more than 71% of online adults use video-sharing sites on a regular basis and 46% of Internet users post original photos and videos.

While information grows we’re gearing up with our sister company Insideout10 to set-up a new framework for semantic analysis of media contents such as photos, videos and audio files. Read more on the Insideout10 Blog.


Our MD Fady Ramzy on IT Show talking about Web 3.0 & HTML5 [arabic]

Content Discovery and Content Marketing for the Enterprise Market – powered by WordPress

WordLift’s latest presentation for the IKS Workshop in Salzburg. Click here to join the WordLift Beta.

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