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The Effective Marketing Strategy for blogging! Part 2 “infographic”

Blogging is your human Voice…your digital story telling

The blog is all about the journey or the story the blog is about conversation, community and connection the point is to have a strategy so that your blog has a focus, direction, and character that makes sense to your readers and gives structure and purpose to your posts, by making a good strategy you can grow your blog successfully



Plan Your Content Before You Write It, planning your blog content ahead of time is the best way to be sure you’ll write and publish regularly, Implement the plan, monitor your performance & analyze how your visitors interact with your content and then act accordingly to improve performance.

After defining last week how to start A Blog….here is the effective strategy for Blogging:


Use your story to develop a more loyal readership by creating the most compelling blog content you possibly can… here is a very useful article about The art of storytelling how to create a compelling blog post

And here is a previous interesting blog post about the science and art behind travel blogging!


Stay tuned next week with part 3 “Why blogging is important for your business”

How to Start a Blog (Part1) – Infographic

What is a blog? A Very simplified definition

A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions as well as valuable experience with your audience.

blog pic

How is Business Blogging different from Regular Blogging?

A Business blog is a marketing channel (just like Social media, direct mail, email marketing, etc.) that helps support business growth, Business Blogging is a marketing tactic that uses the art of story telling as the spotlight to attract more online visibility to your business; Business Blogging increases support of business growth. By writing about interesting subjects relating to your business field, you become a trust worthy source of information and a SME (subject matter expert) and this can easily drive traffic to your website and provide opportunities for that traffic to convert into business leads

Why Blogging is important?

Blogging is no longer just an individual’s hobby; it has become an influential tool for today business. It has created an even playing field among businesses, allowing new business and small entities to compete with the top companies Blogs.

Blogging have become an essential part of Today’s digital Era.

And here We are glad to present a series of blog posts about blogging how to start, the Marketing strategy and the importance of blogging!

So let’s start with the first steps for starting a blog

blog infograph amended 2

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Here you can find a detailed step by step Guide for the important plugins for WordPress

And here is a very interesting summary from #IOTTT Twitter chat we held few months ago about Travel Blogging containing very useful advices about how to start a blog and the marketing strategy for blogs

Stay tuned next week with Part 2 The effective Marketing strategy for blogging!

And Part 3 Why blogging is important for your business?

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