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Personal Branding is Essential for Entrepreneurs! So How to Master it?

Building a personal brand is important for all of us, but for entrepreneurs it’s crucial for leveraging expertise and building networks!


As  an entrepreneur you are the public face of your business. You have clients and customers on your social media. so accordingly your customers needs to feel closer to you, learn from you and trust you so you have to nurture your network with what they need.

Personal branding is not a tagline or an ad campaign. It’s a combination of your interests, beliefs, ethos, values, talents and skills, among a number of other characteristics

Here is some simple infographic with advice’s on how to brand yourself online:

5 advises for Entrepreneurs' Personal Branding(7)

Personal Branding has Tangible Rewards:

How Personal branding generates interest and opens doors?


“When people are buying your products or services, believe it or not, they’re not necessarily buying that product or service. What they are paying for is a certain type of experience and trust”

Personal Branding helps you elevate your social proof, establish credibility and solidify your niche.

here is a simple guide on how to make money through personal branding

If you didn’t Identify your personal brand yet…YOU SHOULD START NOW

Reregardless of your profession, a well defined personal brand will add tremendous value to your life

RiseUp15 The World Came to Cairo…A Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is Emerging

Rise Up Summit:

RiseUp 15 2

Riseup summit is Egypt’s largest entrepreneurship summit to be held for the 3rd year This year RiseUp15 took place on the 12th & 13th of December 2015 and it’s slogan was the summit’s slogan is “The world is coming to Cairo”it was a great success and it took place this year on at the heart of Cairo “American University Greek Campus, Les Freres Bab El Louk School and Falaki Building located in Tahrir Square” combining business owners and young ideas in one place, to provide opportunities for startups and linking entrepreneurs with investors.

How RiseUp is Flourishing the Middle East startups

#RiseUp15 – The facts and figures

riseup attendees

Event highlights: 

Speakers from Google, Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, Aramex, Techcrunch and many more discussed Egypt and the MENA region’s ecosystem and the prospect of investments in startups.

Busy day.jpg

Startups showcased their projects, aiming to catch the attention of investors and professionals to attain the funding needed to bring their ideas to life. They had the opportunity to network, discuss and listen to Keynote speakers sharing their success stories also participants had the opportunity to join professional workshops.

helixbooth 3

How Startups Drive Local Economy Growth:

Startups are refuelling hundreds of cities worldwide

Small business owners are locals. They live locally, shop locally, and use local resources. They employ local manpower, local freelancers…they come up with more revolutionary technology and innovative ideas

When these startups grew, they will directly impact growth of their cities

Small businesses plays a very important role to develop and boost Local economy in the future

How InsideOut Today was of assistance for RiseUp15

InisdeOut Today at RiseUp

Live Streaming the event to the world:

InsideOut Today proudly provided for the 3rd consecutive year the live streaming service for the RiseUp Summit broadcasting the event to the world over the internet to multiple devices, using our video streaming platform, the HelixWare.

streaming - ahmed

This year was more challenging to us as the event grew bigger with many tracks and many interesting sessions, workshops, keynote speeches and fireside chats to be live streamed! Thanks to the Riseup team who assisted us in spotting the most important spots to stream. As usual, we have provided one live-streaming portable station that included the capturing devices, encoders, professional services and finally the HelixWare streaming servers over the cloud.

Social Media Monitoring:

General overview

We are also glad that we supported RiseUp team in understanding the traction happening about the event over social media. We provided a full detailed report about the Online Social interaction across multiple networks, before during and after the event. the report included the total number of mentions, location of users and source of traffic, the top influencers, top contributors and top mentioned users, languages used and top hashtags associated with RiseUp15

 Personal Branding Workshop:

personal branding workshop

InsideOut Today CEO Fady Ramzy conducted a very interesting workshop about Personal Branding and it was the most booming workshop in Riseup15 which was overbooked with double the number of attendees in other workshops during the two days.The room was packed with very energetic youth eager to learn about Personal Branding.Following the workshop Fady had Side Chats with some of the workshop attendees for sharing Knowledge, opinions and experience and it was a really interesting discussions! Here is the Simple steps how to build your personal brand online 


Also Gladly this year we had our own booth at #RiseUp15 to showcase our very own product HelixWare Online Video Platform which was a great opportunity to introduce HelixWare to the Mena Region

Here is HelixWare Journey at RiseUp15


The Interaction on the hashtag #riseup15 generated a great engagement as people were posting pictures and feedback during and after the event and we collected some of the best advices by those who made it big here and also we collected some lovely pictures from #riseup15 on our flicker account

Was such a great journey to be operating Social and covering the event; we enjoy being part of the community and supporting entrepreneurship in all fields. Looking forward for RiseUp16

Blending The Digital Video Business with Web 3.0 – Helping Business Grow with Visual Story Telling!

What’s Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the Internet and Web applications, The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries “Wikipedia”

WEB 3.0

Web 3.0 is changing the way we use the Internet, Computers understand the meaning of what we publish on the Web
Learn about the concept of Web 3.0 and Web 3.0 development here is a full introduction to web 3.0

Why Digital Video Business is important in the Web 3.0 ERA

Now we’re entering Web 3.0 Era, which is mobile, In this Era we should be prepared for the challenges and adapt to the big shift and the tremendous change to save time and improve work quality . The Mobile Web 3.0 has elements that build upon prior eras, but it also has several distinct and different elements from what’s come before.  Some of these distinct elements of the Mobile Web 3.0 era include real-time, ubiquitous (always connected, always with you), location aware, sensors, tailored, smaller screen, and high quality camera and audio.


How we are Blending the digital Video Business with Web 3.0

Proudly the year 2014 & 2015 was a tech evolutionary years of Our InsideOut Group introducing a new wave of semantic technologies aiming to integrate real-time data through different platforms:

Our semantic Innovative Products:


Wordlift is a WordPress Plug-in to organize post and pages adding facts, text and media to build beautifully structured web sites.WordLift publishes your content as Linked Open Data following Tim Berners-Lee‘s Linked Data PrinciplesWordLift is a semantic editor for WordPress.


WordLift adds semantic annotations and combines information publicly available as linked open data to support the editorial workflow by suggesting relevant information, images and links.

Download Wordlift now and reach your maximum potential audience

HelixWare Online Video Platform:

HelixWare is a robust streaming platform that makes online video publishing easy, turns WordPress into a Video Hosting platform, supports live and makes videos discoverable, searchable, and beautifully organized.


Helixware is the streaming platform built for live & on-demand streaming. Its customers are online publishers, hosting providers, telco providers, broadcasters & TV stations as well as media startups

Try out HelixWare for Free!

Helping Business Grow with Video:

InsideOut Today has always the commitment to Support the community As part of Our Corporate entrepreneurship Responsibility to support entrepreneurship in all fields with continuously sharing knowledge and experience about the Latest digital media Technologies and the best practices for Digital media and social marketing

pablo (10)

We are super excited to be an active partner for Riseup Summit for the third in year in a row! This year, the summit’s slogan is “The world is coming to Cairo” and on the opposite side we shall be broadcasting the summit to the whole world! Our main support to riseup is that we are providing HD live streaming for the main sessions and workshops. We shall also be doing an interesting workshop about personal branding on the 13th so we wish to see you all there. Stay tuned on this page for more updates to come!


Following RiseUp we are holding a meetup about Online Video Business in the Web 3.0 Era!

نصائح الخبراء عن الترويج والتسويق الذاتي على الانترنت و الشبكات الاجتماعية

Personal branding is about standing out and differentiating yourself, discovering the best of you (your core identity)

We are glad to feature in this blog post a brief about what is Personal Branding and how to master it (الترويج الذاتي)

Twitter chat arabic design

تشرفنا هذا الشهر باستضافه خالد الأحمد – مستشار و مدرب وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية فى حوارنا الشهرى على تويتر و قدم خالد الأحمد مجموعه من النصائح القيمه عن الترويج الذاتى على الانترنت حول ما هو الترويج الذاتى، اهميته و اهم الادوات اللازمة للترويج الذاتى باحترافيه على الانترنت و قد تفاعل معنا العديد ممكن شاركونا الحوار و خلال اقل من ساعه اصبحت  #الترويج_الذاتي

Trending in Jordan

trending hashtag 2Trending hashtag

و قد قمنا بتجميع اهم النقاط  و النصائح التى طرحت فى هذا الحوار المثمر

اولا: عن الترويج الذاتى تعريفه و اهميته

أفضل تعريف لمصطلح ال

Personal Branding

  هوالترويج الذاتي : الترويج الذاتي للوصول لمرتبة الخبير في مجال معين و هو بالطبع يتطلب جهد كبير لأنتاج محتوى قيم باستمرار و مساعده الغير فى مجال عملك

ثانيا: عن الخطوات الاساسيه لتكوين استراتيجيه ناجحه للترويج الذاتي

 تواجد بشكل جيد ومتفاعل على المنصات الاجتماعية لتتصدر نتائج البحث عنك

ارصد كلمات لها صلة ب ( اسمك ) لتعرف من يتحدث او يبحث عنك أو عن خدماتك

ارصد كلمات لها صلة ب ( مجال العمل ) لتكون على علم بكل ما هو جديد في مجال عملك

ارصد كلمات لها صلة ب ( المنافسون ) لتتعلم من قصص نجاحهم أو تتفادى أخطائهم

ثالثا: عن اهم النصائح للترويج الذاتي باحترافيه على شبكات التواصل الاجتماعيه

تكوين مجتمعات رقمية عن طريق بناء علاقات جيدة مع أفراد المجتمع على منصات الإعلام الاجتماعي هي الطريقة الحديثة للترويج الذاتي

الآن يمكنك إعادة كتابة قصة حياتك في العالم الافتراضي مهما كانت التحديات التي مررت بها

مراحل الترويج الذاتي


تعرف على شغفك وركز عليه

ساعد الناس بدون مقابل

تحدث وتعامل بشكل شخصي وودي وشارك بمحتوى إيجابي بناء

تواجد بشكل فعال على الشبكات الاجتماعية

شارك بأسلوب قصصي مشوق

كن اجتماعيا في العالم الحقيقي والافتراضي

حاول نشرمقالات جديدة ومفيدة في مجالك للجمهور وساعد وجاوب أي أسئلة عن الموضوع

تأكيدا على ما سبق و تلخيصا له يجب التركيز على محتوى عالى الجودة، و الأخذ فى الاعتبار انك تتحكم بفكره الناس عنك من خلال ما تشاركه ، مساعدة الغير فى مجال تخصصك حتى تكون مرجع لهم و لغيرهم و ايضا التفاعل معاهم و الرد على محتواهم لخلق مشاركات فعالة و التركيز دائما على الاستمراريه و ضرورة تخصيص وقت فى اليوم للقراءه و الاطلاع على الجديد فى مجال تخصصك

رابعا: اهم المنصات التي تساعد على الترويج الذاتي

يجب توحيد الصورة الشخصية و تعريف شخصك فى البايو فى كافه المواقع الاجتماعيه التأثير هنا يكون اقوى و افضل

كبدايه ناجحه للترويج الذاتي ابدأ ب


لينكدان من أهم أدوات الترويج الشخصي في سوق العمل تستطيع من خلاله أن تعرض خبراتك وكل شيء عنك في شكل إحترافي مُتاح لكل الناس و كل ما زادت قدرتك علي إستخدامة بإحترافية وعرض خبراتك ومهاراتك ستزيد فرصتك في التميز وسط سوق العمل وفي مجالك


من خلال التواجد على التويتر يمكنك التواصل مع

المشاهير | السياسيين | أصحاب فكر | صناع قرار

Personal Blog

ان المدونه هى موقعك الشخصي و عالمك الخاص الذي من خلاله تعرض  تجاربك و خبراتك و أرائك الفكرية و العمليه بحرية فأحرص على أن تقدم محتوى جيد و مميز وذلك بتحديث مدونتك بالمقالات بصورة منتظمه ومميزة فذلك يساعدك على  وضع بصمتك في عالم الانترنت و أن تكون مرجعا و من خلال مدونتك تستطيع بناء علاقات اعمق مع الزوار من خلال الرد عليهم ومتابعتهم و التواصل معهم

كما ان تحديثها باستمرار وانتظام وان كان يأخذ وقتا وجهدا إلا أنه يعود بتأثير ايجابي باظهارك كخبير فى مجاله و مصدر موثوق للمعلومات

و قد عرضنا من قبل كيفيه انشاء المدونات و اهميتها واستراتيجيه التسويق للمدونه يمكنك قرائتها هنا

و باقى المنصات تكون حسب طبيعه عملك او شغفك فمثلا

Pinterest and Instagram اذا كان طبيعه عملك او شغفك مرئيه تعتمد على الصور

خامسا: أهم الأدوات التي تساعدنا ب الترويج الذاتي


بعض أدوات الرصد

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, offered by the search engine company Google. The service sends emails to the user when it finds new results—such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs—that match the user’s search term


Topsy Social Media Analytics allow you to search by time & place, set alerts, and analyze sentiment for every tweet ever made

Social Mention

Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, etc

بعض أدوات البحث عن محتوى جديد


BuzzSumo gives you insight into what content is working, and the influencers amplifying it


Soopit for content curation, Branding and Authority Building


Alltop All the top headlines from popular topics around the web

أدوات فعالة


Bitly is a URL shortening service it’s a link management platform helps the world’s leading brands deliver and measure their efforts across all marketing channels. Through the power of the link

 تقصير الرابط

 تقرير تحليلي عن الأشخاص الذين ضغطوا على الرابط

 امكانية منح الرابط القصير اسم مميز

أدوات التحليل و القياس


Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the “Klout Score”, which is a numerical value between 1 and 100

و قد قمنا بتجميع أهم النقاط التى طرحت فى الحوار هنا
  كل شهر نناقش مواضيع مهمه و نرحب بجميع الاقتراحات لمناقشه ما يهمكم معرفته تابعونا على هاشتاج


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